Welcome to the Criterion Domains FAQ. Please read the following information before and after making a purchase, in particular when using our ‘Buy it Now’ option. We aim to process all transfers, questions and sales enquiries within the same working day, though please allow up to two working days for us to process your request.

I’ve bought a domain using the ‘Buy it Now’ option, what next?

Firstly, thanks for purchasing or considering one of our domains for your business. The ‘Buy it Now‘ option is fulfilled through PayPal, available for all domains valued at under £500 and is the easiest and fastest way to purchase one of our domains. Once you have bought a domain using the ‘Buy it Now’ option, you need to provide us with your details so that we may begin the domain transfer process. Using our contact form, please provide your full name, email address, customer account number (if purchasing a domain registered at GoDaddy – read below), organization (if you represent a business), your address, postcode, & country, the name of the domain you have bought, and if you like, a contact number (with country code) should we need any extra details from you to facilitate the transfer. Please see our example below.



All data you provide to us shall be strictly confidential, as will the details of any sales, their value, date of purchase, and new owner unless agreed by the buyer (you). This is guaranteed and we will not pass any of your information on to third parties. We use PayPal to offer both parties the highest levels of financial protection, with particular regard to buyer protection, so you can feel confident buying one of our domains.

Important Information: If you do not include all required information in a timely manner it will delay or halt the transfer process entirely, in which case Criterion Domains and it’s representatives accept no liability for any losses which occur as a result of, or pertaining to, this delay.

I want to buy a domain over £500, what do I do?

Domains between £500 – £5,000 may still be purchased using PayPal at the buyers discretion. We recommend this option for experienced domain buyers who understand the process and want the fastest possible transfer process. However, for domains over £500, the buyer may choose to use an escrow service, an impartial third party who shall oversee the transaction and ensure both the buyers (you) and the sellers (us) obligations are fulfilled. For domain purchases over £5000, Escrow is a must unless otherwise agreed with us before hand. Our preffered escrow provider is Escrow.com. Escrow fees are to be met by the buyer.

How does the Transfer Process Work?

Once the domain has been purchased using buy it now or Escrow, the domain transfer to the new ownership details can be intiated. This is done most simply by a ‘push’ from our account to the buyers (your) account within the same registrar. For example, if you purchased ‘www.sneezeease.com‘ which is currently registered with GoDaddy, once payment had been verified (either through PayPal or an Escrow provider), we would use the details you provided us (described above), to begin the push to your GoDaddy account. This is by far the simplest and fastest domain tranfer process and will enable you to use your newly purchased domain usually within a few days, if not sooner. This may require the buyer (you) to create an account with the registrar that the domain you wish to purchase is currently registered with. The vast majority of our domains are registed with GoDaddy, who provide a detailed review of their tranfer process here. Other registrars have slightly different ‘push’ processes, yet the basic principles remain the same.

Important Information: Most registrars require you to confirm the ‘push’ on your account within 10 days, therefore please ensure you log in and accept the transfer as soon as you recieve our email informing you the domain has been pushed to your account. Failure to do so shall delay or halt the transfer process in which case Criterion Domains and it’s representatives accept no liability for any losses which occur as a result of, or pertaining to, this delay.

Transfer to Another Registrar

If you would prefer to transfer your domain to a registrar of your choice, we can also do this, on most of our domains. Please note that before a domain can be transfered to another registrar, it must have been with its current registrar for a minimum of two months. As we constantly acquire new domain names, this is not always the case. The cost of transferring to a different registrar other than the one the domain is currently registered with must be met by the buyer (you) without exception. If you would like the domain you are purchasing to be transfered to another registrar, please explicitly state this when contacting us, including the name, account number and email associated with your chosen registrars account. This process can take upwards of a few weeks and so we strongly suggest that, to begin using your newly purchased domain as soon as possible, you opt to use the push service to the current registrar of the domain in question.

For all other enquiries or questions related to any aspect of our site, please submit your query using our contact form.