Terms & Conditions

By using this website you agree to be bound by the following terms.

Purchasing one of our domains

Please thoroughly read all information for each domain before purchasing or making us an offer.

Unless otherwise indicated, you are purchasing the domain only. If the domain you are purchasing displays a logo, you may also have this logo at no extra cost, we will be happy to send you a high quality .PNG logo on request. Some of our domains are currently under development, if you are interested in the current website along with the domain, please enquire with your specific request. Unless indicated, no site shall accompany your domain name.

Refunds and Disputes

Due to the nature of purchasing a domain name we are unable to offer any refund on your domain once payment and transfer has been processed. There are no exceptions to this. Please ensure you want the domain name in question before purchasing.


Occasionally domains listed on our website may be unavailable for purchase, due to their listing elsewhere. We endeavour to keep our site up to date, and should this happen, we will be happy to work with you to find a domain name which suits your business.

Payment for domains

We accept PayPal payments, and secure BTC/ETH payments via COINBASE. Domains which are worth a significant sum of money may be handled via an escrow provider to ensure terms have been met by both parties. You can request this option when buying a domain.

Transfer of ownership of domains

Domains will be ‘pushed’ on the day of purchase to the account of the new registrant (buyer) at the domains current registrar. This is the preffered, easiest, and safest way to transfer your new domain to you. This may require you to sign up for a free account with the current registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, Namecheap, 1&1). Once you’ve done this, we take your sign-up email and some basic information about you to facilitate the transfer of the domain. We guarantee the privacy of all your information and we will keep all aspect of the sale, contact and customer information strictly confidential.

To ensure the transfer is as smooth and timely as possible please provide us with all relevant information as soon as requested so we may transfer your newly purchased domain.